While factors that affect the beauty and health of your lawn and garden can be hard to control, like weather, for example, other factors are preventable or treatable, like the presence of rodents in your lawn or garden.

Rodents and other small creatures can burrow, tunnel or dig their way into your yard in search of shelter or food. In doing so, they can cause damage and change the appearance of your lawn. Indeed, these little critters can be quite destructive.

It helps if you are familiar with the rodent in your garden or lawn if you want to get rid of them. 4 Seasons Landscaping and Construction, your lawn care service in Alpharetta, offers ways in which you can rid your lawn of critters and keep them out.

Coffee Grounds

Many of you love coffee, but animals cannot stand the smell or taste of this delicious beverage. You can sprinkle old coffee grounds all around your yard and garden to keep critters away.

What is even better is that coffee grounds serve as an excellent fertilizer. And if you frequent Starbucks, they will readily hand over any coffee grounds they have.

Human Hair

The scent of human hair is enough to send all types of varmints running the opposite way. Rodents and other creatures are simply much happier not being around us. It’s about time you get a haircut anyway.

Garlic and Hot Sauce

Strong smelling condiments and spices like garlic and hot sauce will repel rodents and other critters. And if they try to eat your tomatoes, they will have a spicy surprise. Mix garlic cloves with a cup of your favorite hot sauce and a pint of vinegar. Let that concoction sit in the sun for a few days and then spray it on your plants and grass. You will have to reapply every time it rains, but it will keep your yard free from rodents.

Blood Meal

Blood meal is a dried and flakes by-product found in meat-packing plants. Most animals absolutely hate the smell of this and will avoid it at all costs.

Rubber Snakes

Head to your local novelty store and pick up a few rubber snakes to place around your yard. Rodents are terrified of snakes, for good reasons, and will leave your yard if they spot one. You might not freak out over a rubber snake, but mice and moles will.

Plastic Owls

Place a few plastic owls around your property and they will keep your yard clear of rodents. Rodents hate owls as much as they hate snakes.

A Fence

A simple barrier such as a fence can help keep critters out of your yard. Of course, it has to be something better than a white picket fence, it needs to be solid or mesh to keep small creatures out. And it really won’t help keep burrowing animals out.

Find Out Where They are Hiding

If you do have rodents and critters in your yard, you need to find out where they are so you can eliminate them. If you have a compost pile, check in there to see signs of an infestation. A compost pile is like a smorgasbord for animals, they love it.

If you have a shed on your property, there is a possibility that rodents are living there. Some critters will tunnel underneath your shed and set up home while others will seek shelter in the shed and decide to stay for the duration.

Rodents and other creatures can also be found in garbage cans and recycle bins. If they are not in the actual bins, they can be found near them.

Wood piles are another place where rodents and critters like to build homes. It is a good idea to unstack wood piles from time to time to check for pests.

Birds are not very neat eaters and they tend to drop a lot of seeds on the ground. This, in turn, attracts mice and other rodents as they love free food.

Aside from spotting them, you can tell if you have a rodent problem by the telltale signs. One of the most obvious signs of rodent activity is droppings. Check your yard and garden for droppings.

If you notice that plants are disappearing overnight, it could be a sign that rodents are in your garden and eating your plants.

If you notice tunnels in your garden, odds are there is some sort of animal living there. It could be a gopher or mole.
Gophers also create mounts of dirt to mark the entrance to their homes. A mound of dirt that leads to a hole is a sign of a gopher or mole.

You have a wonderfully landscaped yard that looks great and you want to keep it that way. Call 4 Seasons Landscaping and Construction for your landscaping needs.