Your backyard is one of the most versatile and useful parts of your home, though you might not even realize it. When you take the time to consider all of the things that can be done with your yard, the possibilities are endless.

You might be the type of homeowner who has a love/hate relationship with their yard. You love your yard and spending time in it, but you wish you could get more out of it. Picture your yard with a path through the garden or a nice fountain, that would look really great.

If you were to put forth the effort, you could have a nice yard, one that would make your neighbors jealous. The problem is you don’t feel like putting in the effort. But to have the ideal yard, all you have to do is give us a call. We will do the work and you enjoy a professionally landscaped yard.

4 Seasons Landscaping and Construction, your lawn care service in Alpharetta, offers tips for a beautifully landscaped yard.


There are parts of your yard where traffic should flow. For example, traffic will flow to the garden. So it makes sense to have a path from the back patio to the garden and possible through the garden.

Trampled grass is not a good look for your lawn, so have your landscapers build a path with rock, wood beams or concrete. It will look great and it serves a good purpose.

Water Feature

A water feature, like a fountain or pond, is a great way to spice up your outdoor space. You can go over the top and install a huge koi pond in your yard or you can be quite satisfied with a small fountain. Fountains are super fun, look great and are quite easy to maintain.

Hide Your AC Unit

We understand that you would never make it through the summer without your air conditioner, but the unit is quite the eyesore you have to admit. Air conditioning is a necessity, but you can still do something about the AC unit in your yard.

This can be easily resolved by having a cover built for the unit or having it surrounded by lovely plants.

Flower Bed Border

Any well-landscaped yard is going to have lots of flowers, even a flower garden perhaps. Have your landscapers build a flower garden and don’t forget to have them add a border to it to complete the task. Adding a border is a great way to add some pizza to your yard.


You probably have your favorite flowers and plants. This is fine, as long as you don’t have the same plants and flowers all over the place. You should choose a variety of flowers and plants to grow throughout your yard.

By doing this, you have different types of flowers and plants blooming at different times of the year, it mixes things up nicely.

Outdoor Seating

Outdoor seating is important for two reasons; it gives people visiting your home a place to sit outside and it can make your yard look better. The seating in your yard should be utilitarian and aesthetically pleasing, so no folding chairs.

There are several ways in which you can do this. You can go shopping at your favorite outdoor furniture shop or you can have seating made from items like wood and rock. Whatever you choose, it will add charm to your yard and provide a place for people to sit, relax and sip on their beverages.

Big Rocks

If you have a big yard, you need something that will break up the vast space. You could build a garden in the middle of your yard, that is a good option. But you can also plunk down a huge rock in the middle of your yard and make a big statement.

If you do decide to do this, go big or go home. You need a rock so big that it won’t fit in the back of your pickup truck. The nice thing about this is that once the rock is in place, there is really nothing more that needs to be done. Rocks are very low maintenance.


Evergreen shrubs retain their needles all year long, which means you can still have a green yard in the winter. Have a few evergreen shrubs planted in your yard, they help soften vertical lines and give your yard a more inviting appearance.

Planters and Baskets

Landscaping should never be one dimensional. You can have layers added to your yard with eye-catching hanging baskets and elevated planters. This will give the visual effect of plants and flowers rising and falling in your yard.

Rambling Vines

Another way you can spruce up your yard is by having a few rambling vines. There is nothing quite as romantic and stately than deep tendrils winding their way around shutters and fences in your yard. Find vines that bloom flowers for even more beauty.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you want to create masterful dishes for your guests, you will need an outdoor kitchen.

There is no need to rush back and forth between the patio and the indoor kitchen if you had a grill and some other kitchen gear in the yard. An outdoor kitchen could include a smoker, good lighting and a sink.

If you are ready for a better yard, give 4 Seasons Landscaping and Construction a call.