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There’s a reason that all those romance movies feature the female protagonist running across a well-trimmed and lush lawn. It’s because a green, well-kept lawn is a romantic visual. It's a backdrop that can manage to make almost anything look pretty and timeless. That’s why so many people find it important to keep their lawn care and maintenance on a good, and easy to maintain schedule. After all, a beautiful lawn can add so much to your home in Alpharetta, it seems silly to let it go to waste. Yet, still so many people find that they simply don’t have the time to cater to a picky lawn and various growing seasons. However, that’s why convenient and easy lawn maintenance services exist: to make your life easier and your lawn more impressive.

Why Lawn Maintenance Is So Important


For many in the Alpharetta community, whether you’re investing in a maintenance service or not, it’s a necessity to have your lawn in good shape. And, for most folks in Alpharetta, that’s usually a bit of an undertaking. Here in Georgia, we love the beautiful landscape we’ve been gifted with. Our legendary red dirt and stunning foliage has made us one of most unique ecosystems in the entire United States, so of course most of the properties are built so that you can enjoy that natural beauty all the time. With HOAs and neighbors with high expectations for how the cul de sac looks, it’s important to pay attention to the sort of impression you’re making with your landscaping in both your back and front yards.

What Does Lawn Maintenance Entail?

With Georgia’s forgiving winter’s in mind, lawn maintenance details year-round care for your yard and the general upkeep needed to keep it all looking presentable. This includes a large selection of services that are toggled, based on your specific needs, your maintenance expectations and more. Your lawn maintenance can include a large selection of landscaping services as well, such as keeping your front driveway and pathways clean, spring yard cleanup, and even yard preparation for when certain plants go into dormancy.

It’s important to invest in a lawn maintenance service that you trust so that you can easily navigate services, add them on with ease, and talk candidly about the level of performance. For instance, if you’re hoping to have your trees not trimmed and pruned very vigorously, as you prefer a more natural and wild look, you’ll need to feel comfortable communicating that. Our landscape architects keep up with landscaping trends in the Alpharetta area regularly. So we’ll be sure to tell you what our plan is for your yard, and you can discuss and alter those plans at your leisure depending on your tastes.

Seasonal Maintenance Details


Typically our lawn maintenance service takes on a different set of duties depending on the season. Our duty, above all else is to make your life easier and less stressful by taking lawn care and landscaping maintenance off of the weekly to-do list. Thus, our services are likely to change from season to season as each living organism within the ecosystem of your yard will need different types of care at all times of year.



Weekly mowing, edging & blowing begin

Scalp the turf (for specific grass species only)


Weed control

Shrub & brush trimming

Irrigation system inspection

Activate irrigation system





Weekly mowing, edging & blowing

Weed control

Shrub & brush trimming

Mid-season irrigation system inspection



Bi-weekly mowing, edging & blowing

Leaf control

Lawn aeration (for specific grass species only)

End-of-season irrigation system inspection

Winterize irrigation system

Weed prevention



Bi-weekly mowing, edging & blowing

Winter weed control

Renovative pruning

Lawn Maintenance Services


Most folks can’t be bothered to learn more about what their grass actually needs which is why so many people’s lanes fall prey to aggressive weeds, get dried, or too wild and unruly. Lawn maintenance includes a specific set of tasks that are made specifically to account for these things and prevent them. Each portion of the lawn maintenance service serves a unique purpose.


Lawns need core aeration on a pretty regular basis. You’ll know it as the process of running a device over the entire area of grass that has metal tubes that roll over the lawn and remove plugs of turf and soil. These plugs are then placed on the surface of the grass. These holes in the turf make it easier for water, nutrients, air, and even fertilizer to reach the root system of your lawn far easier. It allows the soil to loosen, your lawn’s roots to grow more feely and not be so packed in and generally promotes healthier, happier grass. Core aeration is a somewhat labor intensive service and requires the device to complete it effectively. Additionally, performing this too often could eventually damage instead of help the root system of your lawn, so it’s good to do it on a very set schedule and rely heavily on the advice of experienced professionals who will be good judges of the grass’s health and whether or not the procedure should proceed.


Fertilizer is one of the most important parts of a good lawn care regimen. Fertilizer is like vitamins for your grass, and it ensures that your lawn has the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and adaptive. We fertilize on a regular basis to ensure the lawn in question is healthier than ever before and is likely to produce high-quality and exceptional growth with far more ease. There are three types of fertilizers: slow-release synthetic, slow-release organic and fast-release synthetic. All of these need to be utilized at different times to ensure optimal performance and absorption. For example, if you favor a fast-release without taking into account the time of year or how old the lawn is, you may cause a quick initial growth spurt but then find that the root system has been made inadequate to support that growth. This is a simple mistake, but a common one.

Investing in the expertise of experienced landscapers and lawn maintenance professionals will protect you from similar mistakes and keep your grass healthier for longer.

Weed Control

The idea of keeping weeds out of grass, to the regular joe, can seem like an impossible task, but it doesn't have to be. Here at My4Seasons Landscaping, we treat your lawn with post-emergent and pre-emergent herbicides that act to kill seed sprouts of weeds and target existing weeds and kill them at the root. Regular application of these high-quality herbicides will keep your lawn looking trim and weed-free with far less maintenance. Plus, on the occasion that a weed breaks through that line of defense, we’ll be able to treat it immediately and without pause.

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