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Drainage and erosion control are extremely important when it comes to protecting the integrity of your home or office building. Too much water can cause foundational damage and even can cause your building to sink. 4 Seasons Landscaping & Construction offers the best drainage systems and erosion control for your property in the greater Atlanta area. We have years of experience and knowledge to help guard against foundational damage. Call for a free quote today!

What is a Drainage System?

The purpose of a residential or commercial drainage system is to direct the flow of water away from buildings and roads to an outlet that is safe, which is often a containment area. Without the proper drainage system, your building could experience flooding and erosion.

What is Erosion Control?

Erosion control, at its core, is done by mitigating surface runoff. There are many ways to enact erosion control, which are based on the topography of the land. For example, shorter and flatter slopes erode less, so hauling in dirt to make a smaller slope could be an option for your property.

What Does a Good Drainage System Look Like?

A good drainage system starts with a site evaluation. Our landscaping design company in Alpharetta will examine your property, existing landscaping, and other elements in order to set in place the proper drainage system for you. For example, surface drains may be warranted if water tends to slope towards your home or office building's foundation; or, channel drains may be necessary in order to collect runoff water from concrete or other hardscape surfaces. You'll need an expert in drainage systems in order to install the right one for your residential or commercial property in the Atlanta area. Call for a free estimate today!

What Does Erosion Control Look Like?

One of the best ways to mitigate erosion is to use landscaping or other decorative means to control the flow of water around your Atlanta home or office space. Gravel and concrete pavers are great landscaping editions that slow water, too. Another effective erosion control method is to repair the grade around your building's foundation, sloping it appropriately away from your home or office. Gutters and downspouts that are properly installed help to ensure water is released and flows away from your home or office's foundations.

Landscaping Design, Drainage, and Erosion Control

Here at 4 Seasons Landscaping & Construction, we primarily use landscape design in order to effectively control drainage and prevent erosion. Here are some ways you may see drainage and erosion control implemented into your landscaping:

Planting of trees, grass, and shrubs.

Since plants have roots, they are excellent for holding onto the soil and keeping it in place to prevent erosion. Plus, they absorb water, helping prevent flooding, too.

Adding terraces.

Terraces add a great hardscaping element to your Atlanta landscape design, and they prevent erosion quite effectively. Terraces can be made from any material, and you can plant any type of plant on top of them.

Use erosion control blankets.

Erosion control blankets are installed beneath your landscaping plants. They are great for new lawns because they degrade slowly over time, allowing your lawn, trees, and plants time to mature and take over erosion control.


Drainage and erosion control are easy measures to enact into your new or existing residential or commercial landscape design. Our team can help you protect your building's foundations and craft a beautiful outdoor living space you'll love. Get in touch for a free quote today!

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